Would you like to be a Seasoned Cynic patron?

Since competing on Food Network's Chopped (with the amazing Martha Stewart!), the exposure I've experienced has been wonderful, and I think I may be able to reach my goal of having a cooking show web series.

So, why do I need your help? To put it simply, video production is expensive and typically is funded by sponsors seeking advertisement opportunities. Each time I make an episode of my show, I will need to pay for filming, editing, actors, stylists, props, equipment, insurance, AND enough ingredients to prepare featured recipes at least 5 times each (3 times to make sure the recipe works and 2 times on camera). The costs stack up quickly and heavily, which is why most video projects don't ever see the light of day. I'd like to make this show happen, so I need help!

If you become a patron, you will be directly supporting a web series concept called Easy Elegance, which (you guessed it!) features recipes that are both easy and elegant. :) I'd like to help you enjoy your parties AND impress your guests! Consider yourself both my student and a patron of the arts.

The production of this show will create a part time job not only for myself, but also for a handful of local artists who will value consistent income. When I've generated enough content, I'd like to self-publish an Easy Elegance cookbook to sell, donating a portion of the profits to Home of the Innocents. 

To learn more about getting involved, click HERE!

I appreciate your consideration and will value your patronage. It would be fantastic to have you along on my professional journey! 

Madeleine Dee