My 5 Favorite Louisville Snacks (Right Now)

Louisville is a surprisingly cool city full of delicious food. I won't bore you with a full paragraph, mostly because I know you won't read it anyway. Here are my (current) 5 favorite snacks in Derby City:

Egg in a Basket from Blue Dog Bakery

Crispy, flaky pastry filled with a perfectly-seasoned egg, cheese, & chorizo. 

Tip: Go early - they're usually sold out by 8:30. Don't forget your espresso!


Sugar Cookie from Please & Thank You on the Avenue

Fluffy, buttery, ridiculous disk of sugary goodness. Perfect with an iced coffee.


Kimbap from Choi's Asian Market

Korean sushi with pickled vegetables, egg, & beef, wrapped lovingly in rice and seaweed. Comes pre-sliced and hangs out by the register, making it the perfect impulse buy. 

Tip: Go after 11 AM. 


Weekly Dessert Special from Oskar's Slider Bar

Each week, the pastry chef creates a new scrumptious treat with a Scandinavian influence. Her work is so popular that they often sell out several times in a week. 


Banh Mi from Pho Cafe

I've eaten a LOT of banh mi. It's one of life's perfect pleasures. The best one I've had in Louisville never lets me down.